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Yi, Linfei
Graduate Associate

Linfei Yi is a doctoral candidate in the Department of East Asian Studies at the University of Arizona. Her research interests include the intertwined everyday racial, cultural, and linguistic practices in the Chinese diasporic and multicultural/ multilingual communities in the United States as well as in the ethnic Zhuang minorities in southwest China. She presents her research at many important national and international conferences, including SLRF (Second Language Research Forum), AAAL (American Association for Applied Linguistics), and AAA (American Anthropological Association). She is also involved in diverse Chinese language teaching contexts, including the college-level intensive immersion summer programs.

Currently Teaching

EAS 160A5 – Languages and Cultures of East Asia

This course will explore the social, historical, and linguistic aspects of the languages and cultures of East Asia and how they have changed over time, drawing from anthropology, linguistics, sociology, and history.