Minor Requirements

For students interested in a Minor in Asian Pacific American Studies, see https://apas.arizona.edu/minor-requirements

Students who choose to minor in East Asian Studies can select either the Language Option or the Culture Option, as described below.

  1. Language Option (Chinese, Japanese, or Korean)
    The Language Option requires the completion of at least 20 units in either Chinese, Japanese, or Korean language. At least 9 of these units must be taken at the University of Arizona.

  2. Culture Option (Chinese, East Asian Studies, Japanese, or Korean)
    The Culture Option requires the completion of at least 18 units, including at least 9 units at the upper-division level. At least 9 units of work toward the minor must be completed at the University of Arizona. All UA credits applied to the minor must come from courses that are offered by the East Asian Studies Department or cross-listed as EAS Department courses, except in the case of a split or thematic minor (described below).

Ordinarily, students who select the Culture Option will structure their minor in one of the following three ways:

  • By selecting courses that focus on one East Asian culture area (either China, Japan, or Korea). Courses in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean language may be included.
  • By selecting courses from a single academic discipline (such as anthropology, history, linguistics, literature or thought and religion).
  • By devising a “split minor” or “thematic minor” that combines a minimum of 9 units in East Asian Studies with a minimum of 9 units from thematically related courses offered by one other department.

In all cases, it is the student who is ultimately responsible for meeting departmental requirements for the minor. Students are urged to consult with the College of Humanities and EAS department undergraduate advisors throughout their undergraduate program.

Questions about language exams? Learn more about the placement exam, proficiency exam and credit-by-exam for Chinese and Japanese.

Undergraduate Advising

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