Learning Service Building 102
Li, Shi
Graduate Associate

Shi Li (李诗) is a doctoral candidate in Chinese Linguistics at the Department of East Asian Studies. She minors in Linguistic Anthropology and Second Language Acquisition and Teaching (SLAT). Shi received her B.M.S. and B.A. from Beijing Foreign Studies University. After that, she completed her M.A. at the City University of Hong Kong, specializing in TESOL. Shi studies sociolinguistics of the Chinese languages. Her research focuses on how people use language to convey social meanings, including the construction, negotiation, and projection of their identities. Shi is particularly interested in the interaction and tension between Putonghua (Standard Mandarin) and regional Chinese varieties in various social sectors. Her current research is about language use and place-based identity in families in post-Covid Wuhan, China. Her research is also closely related to other topics in sociolinguistic/linguistic anthropology research like language policy and language ideology.