Leyin Xu Picture
Xu, Leyin

Leyin Xu is an MA student in East Asia Studies, with a focus on classical Chinese culture. Prior to coming to UA, she has worked for five years in Shanghai and achieved another MA in English Victorian Literature from Royal Holloway, University of London. During her undergraduate years, she also studied Dream of the Red Mansion in depth and made certain achievements.

Leyin Xu firmly believes that the spread and inheritance of 5,000 years of Chinese civilization is a valuable thing for all mankind. There is a deep truth and a strong enlightening significance in the traditional Chinese culture that is especially valuable for people living in the recent world. She hopes not only to further explore the mystery of traditional Chinese culture through academic research, but also share this common cultural heritage to all interested friends here at UA, so that people around the world can appreciate the beauty and true essence of this immemorial civilization all together.