Gou, Hongni
Graduate Associate

Currently Teaching

EAS 150B1 – Language, love, life: Study abroad to and from Asia

This course examines the phenomenon of study abroad as a construct; no study abroad experience is required. East Asia and the rest of the world are now connected not only economically and politically, but also academically. This course focuses on the phenomenon of study abroad -- both to and from East Asia. We begin by examining the trends of study abroad and how they relate to linguistic hierarchies and (in)equities in the world. We then take a comparative approach to discuss the history of study abroad in East Asia as a response to Western colonialism, while student mobility in the U.S. is shaped by the discourse of tourism. We further analyze individual case stories of study abroad to and from Asia and reflect on how culture differences are experienced as these students engage in the remaking of their ethnoracial, linguistic and national identities while overseas.