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Pietz, David

David Pietz is Professor of Chinese History in the Department of History, and the UNESCO Chair in Environmental History.  Dr. Pietz’s research on the environmental history of modern China has been supported by grants from the National Science Foundation, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Mellon Foundation, the American Philosophical Society, the Institute for Advanced Studies (Princeton), Carnegie Foundation, and the Guggenheim Foundaton.  Dr. Pietz’s courses at the UA include Modern China, Modern East Asia, East Asian Environmental History, Introduction to the Study of History, and Dimensions of Globalization.

Selected Publications

Water and Human Societies: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives (2021)

Engineering the State: The Huai River and Reconstruction in Nationalist China, 1927-1937 (2018)

Landscape Change and Resource Utilization in East Asia: Perspectives from Environmental History (2018)

Courses Taught

HIST270    Modern East Asia

HIST699    Independent Study

Currently Teaching

EAS 270 – War and Revolution in Modern East Asia

This course examines conflict, typically expressing itself in violence and often resulting in wars and revolutions, as defining moments in the modern history of East Asia when opposing social movements, and their affiliated ideas about political, cultural, and economic organization, confront one another over questions of power and autonomy. The course explores how conflict introduces new social dynamics that may have led to revolutionary changes in ideas and institutions.