UA at AAS Seattle

April 6, 2016

The University of Arizona’s Department of East Asian Studies had a strong presence at the the 2016 Association for Asian Studies annual conference in Seattle, WA, with no less than seven faculty members in attendance.

David Pietz attended the annual meeting of the AAS Council of Conferences. This is the last year of his three-year term.

Takashi Miura’s presentation was titled "The Gods Are Renewing the World: Rethinking the Significance of Ee ja nai ka as a World-Renewing Event." His panel was part of the Early Modern Japan Network meeting held in conjunction with the AAS.

Nathaniel Smith presented a paper called "Reactions on the Japanese Right to Donald Trump and US Presidential Politics” to a closed session of the Mansfield Foundation’s US-Japan Network for the Future, sponsored by the Center for Global Partnership/Japan Foundation.

Fabio Lanza was the discussant for the panel “Cure the Sickness to Save the Patient: Rescuing Thought Work from Cold War Ideology.” He also attended the PRC History reception and at the meeting of the editorial committee of positions for

Noel Pinnington was the discussant for the panel “Crossing Over: Sacred and Secular Performance in Premodern Japan.”

Scott Gregory presented a paper titled “Literati Bandits and For-Profit Scholars: Early Vernacular Fiction in Li Kaixian’s Circles” and attended the board meeting of the Society for Ming Studies.

Albert Welter and Mariko Karatsu were also in attendance.