Making Onigiri Event

Japanese Language Table brings back Onigiri Event!

Dec. 5, 2023
onigiri event pic 5

On November 27th and 30th, the "Making Onigiri Experience" event made a return to EAS's Japanese Language Table after 3.5 years of hiatus due to the COVID pandemic. This year, Japan Outreach Initiative (JOI) coordinator Noriko Hayashi organized this event with the Japanese language instructors. Onigiri, or rice balls, is a Japanese food made from white rice, seaweed and fillings. Over 30 enthusiastic students of the Japanese language and culture enjoyed in this event.

After being introduced to the history of onigiri, the students watched a video to learn how to make it, then had an opportunity to make their own onigiri. The fillings range from familiar ingredients such as salmon flakes and tuna mayo to deep Japanese ingredients such as umeboshi (pickled plums), kombu (kelp), and seaweed tsukudani. Everyone had fun making their own rice balls, eating them with miso soup and pickled radish, and learning about the history of rice balls by Dr. Schlachet. Through making and eating the most common Japanese food and learning the history of Japanese food culture, students gained an understanding of Japanese culture and history and how those aspects of Japanese culture are intertwined to daily activities of Japanese people.

EAS will continue to offer opportunities to learn about the Japanese language and culture through food and experiences.

In a final note of appreciation, a big thank you to everyone who organized and helped with the event as well as to everyone who participated!