EAS Hosts Meeting of the Western Branch of the American Oriental Society

Nov. 7, 2022

The Department of East Asian Studies joined the Center for East Asian Studies and ASU's School of International Letters and Cultures in co-hosting the annual meeting of the Western Branch of the American Oriental Society from Nov. 3-Nov. 5, 2022. Papers presented by EAS graduate students included:

  • Zhang, Lu, "Peeling off a Wrathful Appearance: Nezha in Chinese Chan Historiographies”
  • Liu, Yi, "Revitalizing Local Knowledge: Literati’s Portrayal of the Three Tianzhu Monasteries”
  • Zhang, Yuyu, "Illusory Substances: Figure Paintings in Chan Texts and Monasteries during the Song”
  • Zeng, Xinrui, "Constructing a Sacred Site Overseas: The History of Rujing Stūpa in Hangzhou
  • Torowicz, Steve, "From Alchemy to Anatomy: The Arcane Thought of Myōan Eisai 明菴栄西”
  • Xing, Yang, "Chan Buddhism in Contemporary China: A Revolution against the Kanhua Tradition”
  • Yao, Huiqiao, "Recasting Zhu Xi in Wang Yangming’s Lineage: Shengxue zongzhuan (Orthodox Transmission of the Learning of the Sages) and Zhou Rudeng’s Textual Practice”
  • Li, Xiaoxuan, "Daydreams of Beauty”

For abstracts and more details, visit our WBAOS page.