EAS Grad Students at the Second Language Research Forum 2017, Ohio State University

Oct. 19, 2017

The Department of East Asian Studies was well represented at the Second Language Research Forum 2017 at the Ohio State University, October 12-14. Several graduate students presented papers at the conference. The presentations received a lot of positive feedback; many researchers showed interest in the work done at Arizona. It was a great experience for the graduate students. They heard many talks, learned about research done at other schools and talked to people who shared their research interests. Everyone came back excited about their research. It was a big success.


Yali Feng and Tianxu Chen          

Contributions of Morphological Awareness at the Character Level to L2 Chinese Character Learning


Xin He               

The Acquisition of Transitivity by English-speaking Learners of Chinese: A Case of VO Construction


Yu Tian and Feng-hsi Liu                

Deductive and Inductive Methods in L2 Grammar Teaching: A Case of Acquiring Adverbials in Mandarin Chinese


Yi Wang and Feng-hsi Liu             

L1 or L2 Influence? Acquisition of Zero Anaphora by L1 Japanese Learners of L3 Chinese  


Photo: Yi Wang, Yali Feng, Xin He and Yu Tian at the Second Language Research Forum 2017