Congratulations to Hsuan-ying Liu on accepting a Teaching Position at University of North Dakota

Aug. 16, 2016

Hsuan-ying Liu, our most recent PhD awardee, has accepted a Chinese teaching position at the University of North Dakota. She will be responsible for the entire Chinese program at UND. Hsuan-ying completed her dissertation entitled Coming of Age Learning Mandarin: Chinese L2 learners’ investment during their transition from high school to university in the early summer of 2016. Her dissertation was directed by Professor Wenhao Diao.


Photo: Farewell Party for Hsuan-ying, Aug. 5, 2016

(from left) Xia Zhang, Feng-hsi Liu, Chia-lin Pao-Tao, Hsuan-ying Liu, Eva Chen (Hsuan-ying’s daughter), Xin He, Patrick Mao (Xia Zhang’s son), Hongyi Jia, Dongchen Hou, Yi Wang, Yu Tian.