Chinese New Year Celebration 2019

Feb. 25, 2019

The Chinese Language program held a party on Feb. 15 to celebrate the Year of the Pig. More than 100 students from Chinese language classes, TAs and instructors participated in the event. Students enjoyed a variety of activities in the LSB courtyard: Chinese calligraphy, paper cutting, board games, bean (M&M) picking with chopsticks, a character recognition game and jump rope. The major activity was making jiaozi (dumplings). Students learned how to make jiaozi under the guidance of TAs and instructors. The jiaozi were cooked on site, and students got to enjoy them as soon as they were cooked. Along with jiaozi, students also enjoyed a feast (shown in picture). Many students brought their friends along. Everybody had a great time. This event was sponsored by the Student-Faculty Interaction grant and the East Asian Studies Department. We thank all of the instructors and TAs for their hard work and their contributions. It was a great success.