China Showcase Event on the UA Mall

Feb. 8, 2019

A message from Albert Welter, Head of the East Asian Studies Department

"I’m happy to report the extraordinary success of the China Showcase event on the UA Mall yesterday (Friday). I hope you all had a chance to attend. It was really great––a wonderful opportunity to promote the ongoing success of EAS, particularly the China programs. The event covered everything from a “What did Confucius really say?” test, Chinese tea explanation and tea ceremony presentation, Chinese costume fashion show, Chinese language students singing demonstration (I was unaware of what hidden talent we have!), poster drawings from students of Chinese literary heroes, chopstick competition, a study-abroad photography contest, and so much more! Many thanks to all who joined in the fun, especially student volunteers who did so much to make it a success. It made me really proud to be a member of such a creative and vibrant community. Special thanks to Professors Camp, Diao, Du, and Gregory, who were instrumental in the planning to make the event such a success. And also to Theresa, who along with her minions did so much to create the poster boards and attend to all the details that go into an event such as this. What a lot of fun! A hearty thanks to all of you. It was so nice to see EAS and China take over the UA mall for a day. Maybe again next year?"