Arizona in Japan: Megacity Tokyo

September 15th, 2015

This summer EAS assistant professor and cultural anthropologist Dr. Nathaniel Smith led the inaugural year of Arizona in Japan: Megacity Tokyo. The group of eleven students were based at Sophia University in the heart of Tokyo, analyzed the landscape of city life in Japan, and made excursions across the Tokyo area. Everyone is already figuring out ways to make it back to Japan.

UA junior and Global Studies major Araceli Montaño remarked,

"Arizona in Japan: Megacity Tokyo was the greatest experience of my life both as a personal enjoyment and academically! I loved becoming familiar with Tokyo from the inside-out through exploring various landscapes, architecture, and interacting with people native to Japan. Having that immersion in the culture enabled me to learn more about the people, places and language more than I ever could from home. I not only recommend studying abroad in Japan, but I absolutely advocate for it! Tokyo is a megacity of wonders and I cannot wait to go back in the future!"

Megacity Tokyo will be offered again in summer 2017. For more info on the course, check out the website and photo gallery here: