Alumni News

September 29th, 2015

Mark Metcalf, an alumni of East Asian Studies, received his Masters of Art in EAS in 2001. His MA thesis, entitled Warring States Political Rhetoric and the Zhangguo Ce Persuasions, was directed by Dr. Anna Shields. Mark later received an MPhil from Cambridge University under the supervision of Dr. Roel Sterckx, who was also an EAS faculty member at the University of Arizona. Mark has recently retired from the University of Virginia, where he taught courses including “Introduction to Traditional Chinese Literature” and “Sunzi and The Art of War”. Over the summer Mark made a presentation at the AAS-in-Asia conference, held at Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan, from June 22-24. There he was able to have a nice reunion with his old professor, Dr. Jingshen Tao, EAS Professor Emeritus of Chinese history.  


Photo: Dr. Jingshen Tao, EAS Professor Emeritus (left) with Mark Metcalf (MA, 2001) at AAS-in-Asia, Taipei, June, 2015.