2018 EAS Brown Bag Series for Graduate Students

Oct. 23, 2018

Since August 29th, the Department of East Asian Studies began holding weekly meetings in order to help graduate students improve their academic and professional proficiency. Students and faculties have gathered six times so far. The speakers and topics are listed below:


1.  On August 29th, Dr. Nathaniel Smith presented: Activism and Social Movements in Contemporary Japan. 


2.  On September 5th, Dr. Alison Jameson spoke about How to Recognize Plagiarism and Cheating.


3.  On September 12th, Adam Baldry discussed Teaching Online Winter and Summer Courses.  Additionally, Ming Wen presented: Using ArcGIS to Map a Monastic Network.


4.  On September 17th, Dr. Ryan Shin presented: Exploring Asian Visual and Material Culture,  Dr. Janelle Lamoreaux spoke about Epigenetic Environments and Dr. Brett Esaki lectured on the Transformation of Japanese American Religion and Arts through Outward Assimilation.


5. On September 26th, Dr. Joshua Schlachet presented: Knowing What's Good for You: History, Japan, and the Trouble with Eating Right.


6.  On October 3rd,  Dr. Philip Gabriel discussed Murakami Haruki/Haruki Murakami: The Practice of Translating Japanese Literature.


The next meeting will be held on October 24th. Dr. Heng Du has been invited to present: From Prospectus to Dissertation