The Professional M.A. in East Asian Studies, Emphasis in Business Administration

Program Requirements
Required Coursework

The Professional M.A. in East Asian Studies (EAS) requires a minimum of 33 units. Students normally proceed through the Professional M.A. in four semesters, completing 15 or 18 units during each year in residence. Students may choose either a Chinese or Japanese area emphasis. Most often students in the Business Administration Emphasis will complete their coursework by taking the courses outlined below; but in cases where these suggested classes are not available, or in instances where you and your advisors determine that a slightly different selection of courses would enhance your Plan of Study and/or better serve your academic and professional interests, substitutions may be approved.

The Plan of Study

No later than their second semester in residence students must complete a Plan of Study  with the assistance of their Faculty Mentor and the Director of Graduate Studies. The Plan of Study, which you will find online on GradPath, should list all courses that you have taken, are taking, and plan to take as part of your Professional M.A. curriculum – for a total of at least 31 units. After completing the form online, and paying the fee, you should submit for approval by the DGS. Even if you are not completely certain which courses you will be taking during your final two semesters of the Professional M.A. program, the Graduate College requires that you submit your Plan of Study during your second semester in residence. The Director of Graduate Studies and Graduate Service Coordinator for SILLC (Frank Whitehead, will revise the Plan of Study as needed in the event that your planned curriculum changes.

Satisfactory Academic Progress: Satisfactory progress is determined by the Department Head in consultation with the faculty, the Graduate Studies Committee, the Director of Graduate Studies, and the Graduate College. To demonstrate satisfactory progress, students must maintain at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA as assessed at the end of every semester and must be making normal progress toward the degree. This typically involves completing at least 6 units per semester with at least a B average.

Financing Your Studies

Students in this program are not eligible for GATships. 

Curricular Emphasis in Business Administration

With the help of their Faculty Mentor and the Director of Graduate Studies, as well as other faculty members when appropriate, Professional M.A. students have the flexibility to construct a Plan of Study that suits their own particular needs and interests. What follows is a sample Plan of Study for the Emphasis in Business Administration. If one or more of the courses is not available in regular rotation when you would normally take it, or if you and your advisors determine that a different class would be better suited to your individual academic interests and professional goals, exceptions to this suggested Plan of Study may be approved by the Director of Graduate Studies on a case-by-case basis. While students are required to successfully complete a minimum of 9 units in Business, they are encouraged to complete 15 (in addition to the 24 units required in EAS/CHN/JPN).

Professional M.A. in East Asian Studies (Business Administration- 33 Units)

Year 1

Fall Semester (10 units)

  • EAS 595A  Graduate Colloquium (4 units)
  • CHN 515 or JPN 521 (3 units)
  • *FIN 510A Finance (2 units)
  • *ACCT 540 Introduction to Financial Accounting (2 units)
  • MKTG 510 Market-Based Management (2 units)

* ACCT 550 is listed as requisite for FIN 510A. However, students will take ACCT 540 in August to mid-Oct followed by FIN 510A from mid-October to December (that’s how those courses are sequenced). ACCT 540 is a suitable substitute for ACCT 550.

Spring Semester (6 units)

  • CHN 565 English/Chinese Translation or JPN 547 or JPN 596A (3 units)
  • CHN 517 or JPN 522 (3 units)
Year 2

Fall Semester (9 units)

  • EAS 695A Introduction to East Asian Studies: History, Methods, Theories (3 units)
  • CHN or JPN or EAS 5XX Elective (3 units)
  • CHN or JPN or EAS 5XX Elective (3 units)

Spring Semester (6 units)

  • CHN or JPN or EAS 5XX Elective (3 units)
    Choose one of the following:
    • MGMT/ENTR 514 International Management of Services (3)
    • MGMT 535 International Management (3 units)
    • MGMT 564 Negotiation (3 units)
    • MIS 513 Business Foundations for IT (3 units)
    • MIS 578 Project Management (3 units)
    • MKTG 500 Marketing Management (3)


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