Study Abroad Programs

The Department of East Asian Studies strongly encourages students to study in a Chinese-speaking country or in Japan. You can choose to participate in U of A affiliated programs or any other program that fits your budget and your academic goals. For information about a specific program, please follow the online links below. All UA students intending to study abroad should make an appointment with a Coordinator of Study Abroad Programs at the following website:  You may also contact Dr. Takashi Miura, Dr. Heng Du or Dr. Rae Dachille about the East Asian Studies programs. 

Please note: if you choose a non-affiliated program you are responsible for having the credits transferred. The Office of Study Abroad and Student Exchange [] can provide information about credit transfer, funding sources, and other aspects of study abroad.

U of A Affiliated Programs

Study in China and Taiwan

Study in Japan

For questions about UA-affiliated study abroad programs, contact:

Non-U of A Affliated Programs

Chinese Speaking Countries