Spring Session Courses

Course Number Course Title Instructor
EAS 160A1 Worlds of Buddhism Miura
EAS 160A3 Chinese Civilization Jameson
EAS 160A5 Languages and Cultures of East Asia Camp
EAS 222 Introduction to Zen Buddhism (ONLINE) Wu
EAS 245 Korean Pop Culture Suhara
EAS 251 Intro: Korea through Flims Suhara
EAS 270 Modern East Asia Lanza
EAS/HIST 376 Communist China  Lanza
EAS/POL 466/566 Japanese and Chinese Nationalism Smith
EAS 484A/584A History of East Asian Buddhism( Part II) (ONLINE) Wu
EAS 556 Humanities and the Global Creative Economy  Ren
EAS 596A Topics of East Asian Buddhism Wu
EAS 596C Spec. Topic Asian Studies Ren
CHN 101 Elementary Chinese Shih
CHN 102 Elementary Chinese Luo
CHN 108 Beginning Business Chinese II Shih
CHN 201 Intermediate Modern Chinese Shih
CHN 202 Intermediate Modern Chinese Shih
CHN 251 New Chinese Cinema Li
CHN 360      How to Read the Chinese Novel Gregory
CHN 404 Third-Year Chinese Liu
CHN 417/517 Advanced Chinese Liu
CHN 419 Linguistic Structure of Modern Chinese Liu
CHN 423/523 Intermediate Classical Chinese Gregory
CHN 444 Chinese Media & Culture Ren
CHN 465/565 Chinese/English Translations: Theory and Practice Li
CHN 483/583 Confucianism: The Classical Period Welter
CHN 485/585 Chinese Sociolinguistics Diao
JPN 101 Elementary Japanese STAFF
JPN 102 Elementary Japanese STAFF
JPN 201 Intermediate Japanese STAFF
JPN 202 Intermediate Japanese STAFF
JPN 245 Anime and Japanese Visual Culture Smith
JPN 304 Introduction to Japanese Linguistics Camp
JPN 311 Death in Japanese Literature  Pinnington
JPN 416 Advanced Japanese STAFF
JPN 422/522 Advanced Practice in Japanese Language Karatsu
JPN 423/523 Phonetics and Phonology for Teachers and Learners of Japanese Camp
JPN 447/547B Modern Japanese Literature: Postwar and Contemporary Gabriel 
JPN 489/589 Japanese Religion: Modern Miura
JPN 496A/596A Seminar in Japanese Literature Gabriel
JPN 496/596A Japanese Pre-Modern Literature Seminar Pinnington
JPN 496C/596C Topics in Japanese Linguistics Karatsu