Pandemic Blues and Blame Games: Anti-Asian Rhetoric and the Realities of US-China Antagonism Webinar

October 14, 2020 - 4:00pm
Online Via Zoom
American Flag and Map with Image of China Flag and Map Overlapping


1.   “Different Viruses: Pandemic Politics in US and China”
Fabio Lanza, Professor of Modern Chinese History

This presentation explores the politics behind the pandemic, especially the politics of “blaming China” in the US (and, in part, of blaming the US in China). We will highlight not only the danger inherent in his viral tug-of-war, but also the hidden and deep global connections that this rhetoric obscures.

2.    “Viral Peril: Persistent Fear of Asian Pacific Americans”
Brett Esaki, Professor of Asian Pacific American Studies

Fear of Asians and Pacific Islanders, found domestically and abroad, has been a persistent theme throughout Asian Pacific American history. This presentation will walk through significant moments in US history where the Yellow Peril linked together concerns about disease, morality, civilization, and economic security—and hence will shed light on our present reality.

3.    “Don’t Chat: Impacts of WeChat’s Ban on American Citizens”
Hai Ren, Professor of Modern Chinese Culture

What is WeChat? How is WeChat used in China and in the United States? Why is the government trying to ban WeChat? How could the WeChat ban negatively affect millions of Americans, their families, and American companies, as well as the US-China relations?  

Questions & Answers Session