Intro: Korea through Films

This course will focus on a thematic introduction to Korean films, which have received highly critical praise from film analysts in the international film festival circuits, and have put the South Korean film industry from an unknown to an unstoppable force in the past decade. The goals of the class are (1) to identify the main themes and issues in the most representative films; (2) to explore how these themes and issues relate to Korea's past; and (3) to develop a critical historical and cultural awareness of Korean visual culture in which each film is judged as a work of art in its own settings and theme. The Introduction to Korea through Films course will explore Korean films in broad (and at times narrow) cultural, social, historical, political and aesthetic contexts in order to investigate transnational media production and circulation, globalization, consumer culture, commercialization, and construction of national, ethnic and gender identities. Through this diverse nature of the course, students will learn more about specific issues pertaining to Korea and its people, as well as gain familiarity with some prominent filmmakers of Korea's past and present, such as Kang Je-Kyu, Im Kwon-Taek and Lee Chang-Dong, as well as paying special attention to genres of Korean film such as melodrama, action, and slapstick comedy, and romance.

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Spring 2018

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