Qualitative Research in Applied Linguistics: East Asia and Beyond (also cross-listed as SLAT 577)

This course introduces its students to the theories, principles and techniques underlying qualitative research and its application in applied linguistic research.  Students apply the data collection and analysis tools and conduct their own qualitative projects during the semester. We begin by exploring the epistemology of qualitative research. The focus is on principles in designing a qualitative research project, such as constructing the research relationship, choosing among different approaches, and situating events in context.  We then move to discuss how these theoretical positions are realized in practice through examining common data collection and analysis methods.  In the final part, the students present their own projects and reflect on how qualitative methods can contribute to their understanding of specific issues in applied linguistics. Throughout the semester, we also engage in reading and critique of representative qualitative research in applied linguistics – within and beyond the East Asian context.

Course Rubric: 

EAS 577


East Asian Studies