Language and Culture in L2 and Bilingual Settings (also cross-listed as SLAT 588)

This course introduces its students to the social, cultural, and discursive aspects of language learning, teaching, and use. We begin by discussing the “social turn” in second language learning research. We then move to explore the social, cultural, and discursive factors that shape and condition language learning and language use. By focusing on languages within the East Asian contexts and among East Asian diaspora communities, we cover diverse topics such as multilingualism and nationalism, language socialization in schools and at the workplace, inter- and intra- Asian immigration and language learning, study abroad in China and Japan, as well as interactions in foreign and heritage language classrooms in North America. Grad students further engage in reading and critique of major theories underlying the research in this line, namely, language socialization, community of practice, and language and identity.

Course Rubric: 

EAS 488/588


East Asian Studies