Mariko Karatsu

Associate Professor, East Asian Studies
102 Learning Services Building
(520) 621-5475
Japanese Linguistics

Dr. Karatsu’s research addresses topics in the fields of Conversation Analysis, Discourse Analysis, and Sociolinguistics.  In particular, she is interested in Narrative Study, Study of Conversational Storytelling, Presentation of Identities/ Selves, Grammar in Interaction, and Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language.  Her research is empirical and qualitative analyses of naturally occurring conversational interaction (both verbal and nonverbal behavior).  Her goal is to be inter-disciplinary across Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Sociology, and Social Psychology.


Teaches Japanese Language and Linguistics Courses:

JPN 411/511 (Introduction to Japanese Linguistics)

JPN 412/512 (Advanced Japanese Linguistics)

JPN 496c/596c (Topics in Japanese Linguistics)

JPN 422/522 (Advanced Practice in Japanese Language)

EAS 579 (Issues/ Methods in Post-secondary Foreign Language) Breakout Session