Margaret Camp

Assistant Professor, East Asian Studies
LSB 116
(520) 621-5534
Japanese Linguistics

Dr. Maggie Camp is an Assistant Professor of Japanese Linguistics in East Asian Studies and an affiliated faculty member in Gender and Women’s Studies. She received her BA in Japanese and Linguistics from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and her MA and Ph.D. from the University of Arizona. She also studied at the Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies in Yokohama, Japan, and was a Fulbright Graduate Research Fellow at Keio University in Tokyo, Japan.  Dr. Camp’s dissertation examines the relationship between gender and language in Japanese through the lens of sexuality, looking specifically at differences between the speech of Japanese lesbian and heterosexual women. Her current research interests include sociolinguistics, sociophonetics, experimental phonetics, gender/sexuality, language ideology, and second language teaching and use.


EAS 160A2 “Writing Systems of the World”

EAS160A5 “Languages and Cultures of East Asia”

JPN 245 “Japanese Popular Culture”

JPN 304 “Introduction to Japanese Linguistics” (cross-listed with Linguistics)

JPN 402/502 “Japanese Gender and Language” (cross-listed with Anthropology, Linguistics, Gender and Women’s Studies, and SLAT)

JPN 423/523 “Phonetics and Phonology of Japanese” (cross-listed with Linguistics and SLAT)

JPN 436/536 “Japanese Sociolinguistics” (cross-listed with Anthropology and Linguistics)

JPN 496c/596c “Topics in Japanese Linguistics” (cross-listed with Linguistics)