Brigitta A Lee

Assistant Professor, East Asian Studies
LSB 108
(520) 626-6468
Chinese Literature

Dr. Brigitta Lee is Assistant Professor of Pre-Modern Chinese Literature at the University of Arizona.  She received an M.A. in Chinese Language and Literature from the University of Colorado in Boulder and a Ph.D. in East Asian Studies from Princeton University.  At Princeton, she specialized in early and medieval Chinese poetry and poetics.  She also studied in Taipei and Beijing with the Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies, and in Guilin, China.  While her primary focus is on literary studies, her research and teaching interests extend to other fields, including history and cultural memory studies.  In her book project, "Recollecting the Lyric: Poetry, Remembrance and Authorship in Early Medieval China," Dr. Lee examines how forms of classical poetry, usually read as expressions of self and individual style, reflect the influence of the literary past, thus complicating how we understand the nature of intertextuality and authorship in early medieval Chinese literature.  Dr. Lee teaches a range of undergraduate and graduate courses on classical Chinese language and literature. 


EAS 160A3 Chinese Civilization

CHN 340 Traditional Chinese Literature in Translation

CHN 422/522 Introduction to Classical Chinese

CHN 546 Traditional Chinese Poetry