Study Abroad Programs

The Department of East Asian Studies strongly encourages students to study in a Chinese-speaking country or in Japan. You can choose to participate in U of A affiliated programs or any other program that fits your budget and your academic goals. For information about a specific program please follow the online links below. All UA students intending to study abroad will need to make an advising appointment with Ms. Hillary Vance in the Study Abroad Office. You can also contact Professor Wenhao Diao about Chinese programs or Professor Nathaniel Smith about Japanese programs.


Please note: if you choose a non-affiliated program you are responsible for having the credits transferred. The Office of Study Abroad and Student Exchange [] can provide information about credit transfer, funding sources, and other aspects of study abroad.


U of A Affiliated Programs

Study in China and Taiwan

Arizona in Shanghai

National Chung Hsing University

National Central University

Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) programs in China

·         Students must also complete a UA study abroad application here

CEA Global Education programs in China

·         Students must also complete a UA study abroad application here

Study in Japan

Study Abroad in Japan Programs


For questions about UA-affiliated study abroad programs, contact:

Donella Ly ( (520) 621-0785  (East Asia study abroad advising)

Wenhao Diao (, (520) 621-0106  (China programs)

Nathaniel Smith (, (520) 621-5476 (Japan programs)



Non-U of A Affliated Programs

Chinese Speaking Countries

CET China Programs

The Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies (IUP)

Princeton in Beijing



Association of Teachers of Japanese
This website has a comprehensive list of programs and funding sources.

Kyushu University - Asia in Today's World (ATW)