Category: Chinese
Course Rubric Course Title
CHN 101 Elementary Chinese
CHN 102 Elementary Chinese
CHN 142 Chinese Humanities
CHN 199 Independent Study
CHN 201 Intermediate Modern Chinese
CHN 202 Intermediate Modern Chinese
CHN 245 Chinese Popular Culture
CHN 251 New Chinese Cinema
CHN 276 History of China
CHN 340 Traditional Chinese Literature in English
CHN 341 Writers and Society in Modern China
CHN 360 How to Read a Chinese Novel
CHN 404 Third-Year Chinese II
CHN 410A/510A Ethnic Diversity in China
CHN 410B/510B The Anthropology of Contemporary China
CHN 419 Linguistic Structure of Modern Chinese
CHN 422/522 Introduction to Classical Chinese
CHN 423/523 Intermediate Classical Chinese
CHN 429/529 Chinese Immigrant Literature and Film
CHN 444 Chinese Media & Culture
CHN 465 Chinese/English Translation: Theory and Practice
CHN 480/580 Chinese Language Pedagogy
CHN 483 Confucianism: The Classical Period
CHN 485/585 Chinese Sociolinguistics
CHN 519 Linguistic Structure of Modern Chinese
CHN 544 Chinese Media and Culture
CHN 546 Chinese Traditional Poetry
CHN 565 Chinese/English Translation: Theory and Practice
CHN 583 Confucianism: The Classical Period
CHN 599 Independent Study
CHN 900 Research
CHN 910 Thesis
CHN 920 Dissertation
Category: East Asian Studies
Course Rubric Course Title
EAS 130 Asian Religions
EAS 160A1 Worlds of Buddhism
EAS 160A2 Writing Systems of the World
EAS 160A3 Chinese Civilization
EAS 160A5 Languages and Cultures of East Asia
EAS 222 Zen Buddhism
EAS 270 Modern East Asia
EAS 280 Gender, Sexuality, and Asia
EAS 333 Buddhist Meditation Traditions
EAS 422/522 Asian American Literature
EAS 484/584A History of East Asian Buddhism I
EAS 484/584B History of East Asian Buddhism II
EAS 488/588 Language and Culture in L2 and Bilingual Settings (also cross-listed as SLAT 588)
EAS 498 Senior Capstone
EAS 577 Qualitative Research in Applied Linguistics: East Asia and Beyond (also cross-listed as SLAT 577)
EAS 587 Testing and Evaluation in Foreign/Second Language Programs
EAS 596A Topics in East Asian Buddhism
EAS 910 Thesis
EAS 920 Dissertation
EAS/HUMS 456/556 Humanities & the Global Creative Economy
Category: Japanese
Course Rubric Course Title
JPN 101 Elementary Japanese
JPN 102 Elementary Japanese
JPN 201 Intermediate Japanese
JPN 202 Intermediate Japanese
JPN 220 Religion in Japanese Society
JPN 245 Popular Culture in Japan
JPN 272 Japanese Civilization
JPN 304 Introduction to Japanese Language and Linguistics
JPN 310 Japanese Literature and War
JPN 311 Death in Traditional Japanese Literature
JPN 402/502 Gender and Language in Japan
JPN 405 Classical Japanese
JPN 411/511 Introduction to Japanese Linguistics
JPN 412 Advanced Japanese Linguistics
JPN 416 Advanced Japanese
JPN 423/523 Phonetics and Phonology for Teachers of Japanese
JPN 425A Anthropology of Japan: Images and Realities
JPN 430/530 Haruki Murakami and the Literature of Modern Japan
JPN 436/536 Japanese Sociolinguistics
JPN 446A/546A Traditional Japanese Literature from the Court
JPN 446B/546B Traditional Japanese Literature Medieval and Tokugawa
JPN 447A/547A Modern Japanese Literature: Meiji to World War Two
JPN 447B/547B Modern Japanese Literature: Postwar and Contemporary Literature
JPN 485/585 Japanese Religion: Ancient
JPN 486/586 Japanese Religion: Medieval
JPN 489/589 History of Japanese Religions: Modern
JPN 496A/596A Seminars on Japanese Literature (contact instructors for topics)
JPN 496C Topics in Japanese Linguistics
JPN 505 Classical Japanese
JPN 512 Advanced Japanese Linguistics
JPN 525 Anthropology of Japan: Images and Realities
JPN 596C Topics in Japanese Linguistics
JPN 910 Thesis
JPN 920 Dissertation